It is really important to keep up with the developments and advances in your field regularly and that too even more if you’re in the IT field. If you’re a database administrator and want to achieve higher credentials in the database industry then Oracle certified professional (OCP) or Oracle 11g DBA certification can validate your authority in database management not only in Oracle environment but even on other positions which employ different database management systems.

Various companies are looking for people with expertise in the oracle database management system or individuals who are OCP certified to work in ecosystems of their database management, even the companies which do not incorporate Oracle database management system. This fact cannot be overlooked by an individual in determining the future goals of his career and consolidating his chances at the highest level. The certification can very well make the difference between you working in a small database management enterprise and taking up a big role in a reputed firm with awesome pay scale and other underlying benefits. With oracle gaining more and more recognition and central stage for maintaining high level and demanding databases by business organisations and companies all over the world; it is highly imperative for a database management professional to get the much needed validation from the highly rated and acclaimed certification to make sure that the skills set required for a top notch database administrator position match with the level of his credential over a period of time.

Eligibility Criteria for DBA Certification

The certification provides you with enough leverage in terms of performing in demanding database technology of Oracle enterprise and operating other key roles in general database environment of a reputed organisation with certified expertise and authority. Checkout Top 5 Oracle Certification Preparation Book In 2017

In order to deem eligible for the certification one must be OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) certified and that requires you to pass Oracle SQL and Oracle DBA certification exams first. After gaining the OCP certification, one can even pursue the highest level Oracle certification, OCM (Oracle Certified Master) to strengthen the opportunities of a career in Oracle database management system further. The certification tests your abilities to operate in Oracle database with essential skills of security management, application development, SQL integration and networking as a database administrator.

Significance of DBA Certification

  • The role of database administrators are getting more and more diverse nowadays and the certification can give you a much desired edge over other database management professionals seeking the same position in a reputed IT firm.
  • The global team leaders and recruiters are increasingly giving importance to certified professionals to increase efficiency and cut costs for their companies and organisations and that has increased the demands of advanced certifications in various IT fields.
  • The OCP certification can validate your skills of managing complicated database management situations with expertise at the highest level and that too with expertise and skills needed to secure and maintain the databases in a much more refined level of security.
  • The undertaking of the DBA course imparts a great amount of authority and expertise in installing, managing, updating, troubleshooting and securing a database in high pressure situations of a real time Oracle enterprise.


The certification not only improves your chances of database management in Oracle enterprise but increases your general database management skills on an advanced level to perform meticulously well in highly demanding situations of database management and that can give you the impetus to succeed everywhere and not just Oracle database management systems.