Overview of Cyber Security

The capacity to control access to networked systems along with the existing information specifically in cyberspace is known as Cyber Security. Cyberspace is relatively a practical, resilient and dependable digital substructure where efficient cyber security is enforced. It lacks cyber security controls and is referred as the wild west of the digital age.

Cyber Security

If you are working in a security profession, you will probably have a varying view of cyber security which primarily depends on the factors of cyberspace with which you personally cooperate. Despite the system is a physical service or a group of cyberspace elements, the major role of a security professional consigned to the particular system is to design a potential attack and prepare for its implications

Though the term ‘cyber’ is a mainstream dialect and is mainly referred as an abstract. Speaking of cybernetics, it is the evolving field of computer control and communication and therefore referring to the electronic automation. On the other hand, the analogous term ‘cyberspace’ has a range of definitions from conceptual to technical as well as it is claimed to be the fourth domain where air, land, and sea are considered the first three domains. A lot of literature has been defining the terms cyberspace and cybersecurity, though the term ‘cyber’ is commonly used as an adjective instead of a noun. It modifies the subject with the property of assisting a group of automated electronic systems which are accessible over networks

When we talk in terms of higher level perspective, cyber security is typically explained in terms of some triads and explicate the goals of security professionals and their strategy. Some of the most common uses are as follows:

  • prevent, detect, respond
  • people, process, technology
  • confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

These are few objectives of cybersecurity and the mechanisms by which cybersecurity goals are accomplished

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Certifications which are Important for Cyber Security Professionals

Following are the certifications which helps in boosting your career in cyber security domain

CRISC Certification Prep

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Certified Information Systems Security Professional-CISSP Certification Prep

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CISA Certification Prep

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CISM Certification Prep

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