VPN deployment configurations with CMAK is done through The Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) which enables you to create a customized connection experience for clients using a VPN solution. Within the CMAK you can customize the connection such that the end users don’t need to enter the IP address of the VPN server.
CMAK offers complex and granular control so that you can provide a customized support telephone number, should your users need assistance when using the connection. VPN support is configured on the Add Support for VPN Connections dialog box within the Connection Manager Administration Kit Wizard. This dialog box, shown in Figure 1, enables you to specify the IP address for the VPN server or to allow the user to choose a VPN server.

VPN deployment configurations with CMAK

FIGURE 1 Adding support for a VPN connection to a profile created with CMAK

The Connection Manager Administration Kit Wizard also enables you to modify the VPN entry with several options through the New VPN Entry dialog box, as shown in Figure 2.


FIGURE 2 Configuring a new VPN entry as part of CMAK.

Within this dialog box, on the IPv4 tab, you can configure the client’s DNS and WINS configuration, specify whether to use IP header compression, and indicate whether to make the connection the client’s default gateway. You can configure DNS and the default gateway on the IPv6 tab, the DNS suffix and whether to register the address in DNS on the Advanced tab,and several security-related configuration items on the Security tab (see Figure 3).

VPN deployment configurations with CMAK

FIGURE 3 Configuring VPN-related security options in CMAK.