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Last Updated On : Thursday, May 4, 2017Some viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, and adware gain access to a system by exploiting security holes in Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, or some other software package. Therefore, the first step you should take to protect yourself against malware is to keep your system up to date with […]

Looking at How NAP Works

Last Updated On : Monday, July 6, 2015There are a variety of components used to make NAP work, including system health agents (SHAs) and system health validators (SHVs). SHAs run on the client computer and report the computer’s status to the SHVs, which are running on the network and manage the NAP configuration. These components […]


Last Updated On : Thursday, May 4, 2017Finally, at the top of the OSI model is the application layer. This layer takes #data from the user and passes that data to the lower layers of the OSI model for transport. Responses are then passed up through the layers and displayed to the user. ——————————————————- Note: […]

Using Password Complexity to Make a Stronger Password

Last Updated On : Monday, July 6, 2015Password complexity involves the characters used to make up a password. A complex password uses characters from at least three of the following categories: • English uppercase characters (A through Z) • English lowercase characters (a through z) • Numeric characters (0 through 9) • Nonalphanumeric characters (!, […]