Running WordPress on Azure

Here in this article we will discuss the benefits of running wordpress on Azure for businesses.

As a business person, we’re sure that you know that it’s not enough to just develop a great product and establish a great internal system. There is still a need to make your target audience aware of your company’s existence and the products that you offer. In short, there is a need for what we have come to know as marketing.

Over time, a lot of different marketing strategies have been employed. There is advertising on radio and TV. This is really good because ads placed through such media reached — and still reach — a lot of people; there is no question about that. But times have changed, and people are spending more and more of their time on other media.

One of the most modern innovations that eat up a lot of the consumers’ time is the Internet. Because of this, it will be wise for business people to establish a stable online presence. Custom WordPress development professionals can help you on this. WordPress is a blogging tool that has been in use for many years by many people because of its user-friendliness.

But something can still be done to make your WordPress site better, and that is to make it run on Microsoft Azure. What are the benefits to doing this? Read on to find out.


In this day and age, people want all the things that they need in one place. We really cannot blame them; it’s going to be very efficient that way. But having so much data can create problems for your website. Common complaints include slowness, the website not working as intended, and destroyed formats. With Azure, you can get rid of these because this tool from Microsoft will help the website become scalable. This means that it helps the website function in the same way no matter how much data it holds.

In addition to that, Azure also help your website run on different operating systems without changing too much, if at all. Through it, you can really ensure the consistency of your layout and your data organization.

Multiple Data Storage

Technically speaking, a website runs on codes, and these codes are stored on servers along with the other data that they need to function well. Now, servers are physical machines that must be stored in a real physical area.

Traditionally, there was just one server for one website. But this is so risky. What if something unfortunate happens and the server gets destroyed? This surely means that all data will be lost. Azure helps avoid this scenario by distributing the data that your website needs on a number of smaller machines or servers. This certainly adds more flexibility and yes, scalability.


Azure is designed to help businesses run in a more stable manner in the unpredictable online world. It has a special mechanism that helps systems heal themselves. In a nutshell, this process works by automatically recovering data from a component system that fails. It also has mechanisms that use heuristics to determine which of the component systems have the most probability of failing so that preventive measures can commence.

Now that you know the benefits of Azure, the next logical thing to do is to learn how to implement it. There are a lot of resources online that can help you with this.