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About PMP Certification Prep Course

PMP Certification Prep course is designed for project managers who are planning to appear in their project management certification exam nearly and want to quickly prepare with the help of sample practice tests covering lots of sample questions and short and to the point articles to grasp the concept.

Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally acclaimed project management certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for Project Managers. The exam for this certification based on the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions written against the PMBOK specification and the PMP Code of Ethics. The exam is closed book; no reference materials are allowed. Twenty-five of the 200 questions on the exam are “sample” questions used to fine-tune the degree of difficulty and precision of the exam and as such are not counted for or against a test taker. These questions are placed randomly throughout the exam. The test taker is only graded on their proficiency on 175 questions. The numbers in parentheses describe the percentage of questions for each domain.


Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
7,500 hours leading and directing projects
35 hours of project management education


Four-year degree
4,500 hours leading and directing projects
35 hours of project management education
A candidate who passes the exam and meets the professional requirements is awarded the PMP certification.

The PMP exam is based on the PMP Examination Specification, which describes tasks out of five performance domains or process groups in project management certification:

These five performance domains also referred as “Process Groups”.  Process Groups as the title depicts are actually a very logical way of grouping together processes involved in professional project management, that project manager uses around the same time on a project or with similar input and outputs. Process Groups help you apply what knowledge you have about the different professional areas of project management. They enables a project manager to apply his knowledge and step, and teams through exactly what have to be done at each phase

  • Initiating the project (13%)
  • Planning the project (24%)
  • Executing the project (31%)
  • Monitoring and controlling the project (25%)
  • Closing the project (7%)

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Five performance domains in project management certification

10 Knowledge areas specified by PMI:

Project Management Knowledge areas cover what a project manager needs to know in order to successfully manage a project. The ten knowledge areas of project management are given below:

Project Integration Management

About Project Integration Management Project Integration Management includes the processes and activities to identify, define, and coordinate the various processes ...
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Project Scope Management

About Project Scope Management Project Scope Management deals with defining the project scope, project requirement scope, project work, making the ...
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Project Time Management

About Project Time Management Project Time Management includes the processes required to manage the timely completion of the project. Project ...
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Project Cost Management

About Project Cost Management Budget baseline is established and costs are estimated in this knowledge area which is known as ...
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Project Quality Management

About Project Quality Management Project Quality Management includes the processes and activities of the performing organization that determine quality policies, ...
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Project Human Resources Management

About Project Human Resources Management Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team ...
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Project Communications Management

About Project Communications Management Project Communications Management includes the processes that are required to ensure timely and appropriate planning, collection, ...
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Project Risk Management

About Project Risk Management Project Risk Management consists of identifying risks, planning risk management, conducting risk assessments, and controlling risks ...
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Project Procurement Management

About Project Procurement Management Project Procurement Management deals with the processes which project managers usually follow to acquire required material ...
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Project Stakeholder Management

About Project Stakeholder Management Project Stakeholder Management area encompasses all the processes which is used by a project manager for ...
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PMP Certification Prep course contains following practice tests:

PMP Version 6 Practice Test 9

Instructions for PMP Version 6 Practice Test 9 This page shows the instructions for PMP Version 6 Practice Test 9 ...
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PMP Version 6 Practice Test 10

Instructions for PMP Version 6 Practice Test 10 This page shows the instructions for PMP Version 6 Practice Test 10 ...
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This course includes practice tests and articles, but it does not cover every exam question. Only the PMI exam team has access to the exam questions for PMP exam, and PMI regularly adds new questions to the exam, making it impossible to cover specific questions. You should consider this course a supplement to your relevant real-world experience