Desktop Infrastructure certification corroborates the core Windows Server skills relevant across multiple solution areas. This certification substantiate the ability to work with Windows Server 2012 in a real-world business context.

The certification declares your experience in desktop virtualization, remote desktop services, and application virtualization. It affirms your ability to deploy and manage desktops and devices that offer access from anywhere, while maintaining security and compliance.

Learn About:

  • Create and maintain desktop images
  • Design and deploy desktops
  • Plan and implement a remote desktop services infrastructure
  • Design and configure desktop settings
  • Manage and maintain a desktop infrastructure
  • Design and prepare the application environment
  • Design and implement a presentation virtualization environment
  • Design and implement an application virtualization environment
  • Deploy, manage, and maintain the application environment
  • Design business continuity for the desktop and application environment


Before attempting MCSE Desktop Infrastructure certification, candidate must have Four years of Windows Server experience, along with on-premises and cloud experience.


Recertification for Desktop Infrastructure is required every three years.

Desktop Infrastructure Track