Field-level security
Field-level security is a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 that enables you to control access to custom fields. Field-level security is not supported for system fields.
Once the field-level security has been applied to a field, users are unable to work with the field unless they have the appropriate field security profile. A field security profile defines the read, update, and create permissions for a collection of secure fields.


Imagine you have a requirement to store the Government ID for a contact, but this sensitive data should only be available to users who have passed a background check. Using the field-level security, we can create a custom field (the field-level security cannot be applied to the Government ID system field on the contact entity), we can define a field-level security profile that will enable users to read and update the custom field, and apply the field security profile to a team of users that have passed their background checks.


The field-level security is comprehensive. Unless the users have a field security profile providing the appropriate permissions (or a System Administrator security role), users cannot work with secure fields in the forms, views, charts, Advanced Find, Export to Excel, Report Wizard, offline access, duplicate detection, workflows, or CRM SDK.
In this section we will learn about:
• Enabling field-level security
• Creating a field security profile
• Applying a field security profile

Enabling field-level security
Field-level security can be enabled for any custom field:
To enable the field-level security, follow these steps:
1. In the navigation pane, click on Settings.
2. In the Customization group, click on Customizations and then click on Customize the System to open the default solution.
3. Expand the Entities component and expand the entity that you want to customize.
4. Click on the Fields sub-component and open the field that you want to customize.
5. In the field’s Field Security property, select Enable.
6. Then click on Save and Close to close the field form.


Secure fields appear in the form designer with a key icon indicating that field security has been enabled.


Creating & applying field security profile

Creating a field security profile Once security for a field has been enabled, it can be added to a field ...
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