Extend Volume
If you have too small a partition and have available unallocated space, you can increase the size of a partition. Right-click the partition, select “Extend Volume,” and enter the amount of extra space required. Windows 7 may impose limits on the amount of space that can be added.
Delete Volume
If you are certain that you no longer need the contents of a partition or volume, and would like to use it differently, right-click on the partition and select “Delete Volume.” Accept the warning by clicking “OK” to delete the partition.
Change Drive Letter
Change a drive letter. Right-click on a partition and select “Change drive letters and paths.” The current drive letter will display. The “Add” button typically allows the partition to be placed inside an existing NTFS folder. Click “Change” to assign a new drive letter. Windows 7 will disallow any changes if the partition is currently used as a system, boot, or pagefile drive.