Instructions for Exam 77-885 Microsoft Office Access 2010 Practice Test 3

This page show the instructions for Exam 77-885 Microsoft Office Access 2010 Practice Test 3. Please read it carefully before attempting the test.

Number of Questions:

The test has approximately 20-50 questions (Since Microsoft does not publish this information, the number of exam questions may change without notice)

Type of Questions:

This test format is multiple choices. Each question has 4 to 10 options.


60 minutes

Passing Marks:

70% Marks

  1. The passing score does not mean that you must answer 70 percent of the questions correctly in order to pass the exam. The actual percentage varies from exam to exam and may be more or less than 70 percent.
  2. If a question specifies that you must choose multiple correct answers, you must choose the exact number of correct answers specified in the question in order to earn a point for that item.
  3. Attempt all questions since there are no penalties for guessing. No points are deducted for incorrect answers.
  4. You must answer each question before proceeding to the next question.
  5. If you leave the test midway through your session, you cannot resume it where you left off by returning to this page.

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