Steps including in Changing Computer Name and Domain Settings

Every computer must have a unique computer name assigned to a network. If two computers have the same name, one or both of the computers will have trouble communicating on the network Therefore changing computer name and domain settings is a must know skill for network and system administrators

Changing Computer Name

  • To change the computer name
  • Open System from the Control Panel
  • Then click the Change Settings option in the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.
  • When the System Properties box appears with the Computer Name tab selected, you then click the Change button.

See Figure below. Any changes to the computer name or workgroup/domain name will require a reboot.

To help identify computers, you should name a computer with a meaningful name. This can be done within the System settings within the Control Panel. You can also add a computer to a domain or workgroup.

Changing Computer Name and Domain Settings 1

Figure: Control Panel System Properties

By default, a computer is part of a workgroup. A workgroup is usually associated with a peer-to-peer network in which user accounts are decentralized and stored on each individual computer. If several users need to access the computer (while requiring unique usernames and passwords), you will need to create a user account for each user. If you want those users to access another stand-alone computer, you will have to create the same computer accounts and password on that computer as well. As you can imagine, with several computers, this can become a lot of work as you keep creating and managing accounts on each individual computer. To ease down this process Domain can be created for collection of many computers

A domain is a logical unit of computers that define a security boundary, and it is usually associated with Microsoft’s Active Directory. The security of the domain is generally centralized and controlled by Windows servers acting as domain controllers. As a result, you can manage the security much easier for multiple computers while providing better security.

If a computer is added to a domain, a computer account is created to represent the computer. In addition, information stored on the computer is used to uniquely identify the computer. When these items match, it shows that a computer is who it says is, which contributes to a more secure work environment.

Changing Domain Name

To add the computer to the domain

  • Open System Properties and click the Change button.
  • You will then select the Domain option and type in the name of the domain.
  • Next, click the OK button. It will prompt you to log in with a domain account that has the ability to add computers to the domain. This is typically a domain administrator or account administrator.
  • After you enter the credentials (username and password), a Welcome dialog box appears. Click OK to close the Welcome dialog box.
  • When you close the System Properties dialog box, it will prompt you to reboot the computer.

To remove a computer from a domain, join an existing workgroup, or create a new workgroup,

  • You select the workgroup option and type in the name of the workgroup and click OK.
  • If you are removing yourself from the domain, you will be asked for administrative credentials so that it can delete the account from Active Directory
  • If you don’t specify administrative credentials, it will still remove the computer from the domain, but the computer account will still remain within Active Directory.