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Understanding Security Devices and Zones

Last Updated On : Monday, June 25, 2018Understanding Security Devices and Zones This lesson Understanding Security Devices and Zones covers Security devices such as firewalls are the main defense for a company‚Äôs networks, whether they are LANs, WANs, intranets, or extranets. Perimeter security zones such as demilitarized zones (DMZs) help keep certain information open to […]

Defining More Networking Services

Last Updated On : Monday, June 25, 2018Defining More Networking Services Overview In this lesson Defining More Networking Services we will dicuss more networking services and discuss about Remote Access Services and IPSec. Remote Access Service (RAS) is grouping of different hardware and software platforms to allow remote access to another computer or network device. […]

Comprehending Wireless Networks

Last Updated On : Tuesday, May 22, 2018Wireless networks are everywhere. There are wireless networks for computers, handheld devices, wide-area connections, and more. Chances are you have used a wireless network in the past. In order to install and troubleshoot wireless networks, you must understand the basics of wireless communications and have knowledge of the […]

Recognizing Wired Networks & Media Types

Last Updated On : Tuesday, May 22, 2018Wired networks are still the most common type of physical connection that computers make. Although wireless networks have made inroads into many organizations, the wired connection is still king. And the majority of computers use twisted-pair cabling for their physical connections. This lesson is a part of¬†Understanding Wired […]

Defining Name Resolution Techniques

Last Updated On : Tuesday, June 26, 2018Defining Name Resolution Techniques Overview Computers work best when communicating by IP address. However, humans work best when they communicate with words. Something has to give. There in lies the purpose of name resolution Techniques. Names can be resolved or translated to IP address by services such as […]