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Sample: Products and Suppliers

Last Updated On : Thursday, November 9, 2017Sample: Products and Suppliers The following sample uses the VideoGameStoreDB database to build a Typed DataSet with products and suppliers The goal is to create an application that prints all products per supplier to the console To do this, perform the following steps: 1. Create a console application […]

Working with Typed DataSets

Last Updated On : Thursday, November 9, 2017Working with Typed DataSets Earlier, you looked at using DataSets, DataTables, and DataRows In this lesson, you look at how Visual Studio offers functionality around these framework classes to allow you to develop software in a more strongly typed manner. Using typed dataSets It’s important to know that […]

Serialization and RemotingFormat

Last Updated On : Thursday, May 17, 2018Serialization and RemotingFormat DataSet and DataTable objects can both be serialized. However, DataRow objects cannot. This means that when building a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service, you can use DataSet and DataTable as the return type or parameter type. It is important to note that the method of […]

Validation and Errors

Last Updated On : Thursday, November 9, 2017Validation and Errors You’ve seen a number of ways to validate data as it gets inserted into the DataRow Most likely, you also want to build custom validations to match business rules in your organization For instance, a business rule for your application might specify that the expected […]

Managing desktop images

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Last Updated On : Thursday, November 9, 2017Network administrators can opt to use a standard Windows Image (.wim) file to perform installations on their enterprise workstations. The standard image is the out-of-the-box installation file you receive when you purchase a Windows 8.1 DVD. When taking this route, you must then, using some method, also install […]