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Open Non-Native Files Directly in MS Word 2013

Last Updated On : Friday, June 16, 2017In order to open non-native files directly in MS Word 2013 user need to understand that MS Word 2013 creates files in Office Open XML formats and support a greater range of access and reuse options and produce a smaller file than earlier Word document formats. The default file format for a […]

Creating Blank and Custom Documents from Templates

Last Updated On : Sunday, June 4, 2017When you start Word 2013 without opening an existing document, a Start screen appears which is used for creating blank and custom documents from Templates. From this screen you can open a recent document, or create a document—either a blank document based on the Normal template or a […]

Introducing Algorithms

Last Updated On : Monday, April 13, 2015An algorithm is a set of ordered and finite steps to solve a given problem.The term algorithm refers to a method for solving problems. Algorithms can be described in English, but such descriptions are often misinterpreted because of the inherent complexity and ambiguity in a natural language. Hence, […]

Windows Evolution

Last Updated On : Monday, March 26, 2018Windows Evolution over Timeline Windows evolution started from 1981 as initially, Windows was a graphical shell that ran on top of DOS. This functionality continued through the Windows 95 line of OSs until it come to an end with Windows Millennium Edition (ME). Starting in 1993, Microsoft sold […]

Windows 3.1—The GUI

Last Updated On : Tuesday, May 19, 2015Windows shipped with several different GUIs from version 1.0 through version 3.0; however, the Windows 3.1 system became standard in the early to mid-1990s and set the path that modern Windows systems are still on today. Below figure shows the Windows 3.1 GUI, with the Program Manager in […]