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Deploying and Configuring Reporting Services

Last Updated On : Thursday, October 19, 2017Deploying and Configuring Reporting Services Step by Step Deploying and Configuring Reporting Services requires the following general steps, these steps must be performed in the same order for deploying and configuring Reporting Services correctly : Open SQL Server Installation Center from the Configuration Tools folder. Click Installation and […]

Inserting footnotes and endnotes

Last Updated On : Wednesday, December 7, 2016Inserting footnotes and endnotes in the text of a document, a reference number, letter, or symbol appears at the insertion location. Your associated note, indicated by the same reference mark, appears in the location that you specify: Footnotes can appear at the bottom of the page (relative to […]

Open Non-Native Files Directly in MS Word 2013

Last Updated On : Friday, June 16, 2017In order to open non-native files directly in MS Word 2013 user need to understand that MS Word 2013 creates files in Office Open XML formats and support a greater range of access and reuse options and produce a smaller file than earlier Word document formats. The default file format for a […]

Creating Blank and Custom Documents from Templates

Last Updated On : Sunday, June 4, 2017When you start Word 2013 without opening an existing document, a Start screen appears which is used for creating blank and custom documents from Templates. From this screen you can open a recent document, or create a document—either a blank document based on the Normal template or a […]