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Endpoint monitoring in Azure

Last Updated On : Saturday, July 14, 2018Configuring endpoint monitoring and alerts Endpoint monitoring is one of the most important features that allows users to monitor their website from outside geo-distributed locations. The feature is exclusively different from typical performance counter monitoring where you are managing metrics on the server that the website is operating […]

Azure website resources

Last Updated On : Tuesday, July 3, 2018Monitoring Azure website resources The management portal provides rich and visually appealing screens to monitor your Azure Website resources included in the website’s Resource group. The Website blade is where you can quickly and easily get access to information, click through metrics, parts and graphs, and in some […]

Streaming Logs in Azure

Last Updated On : Tuesday, July 3, 2018Viewing streaming logs in Azure This article explains how can you view streaming logs in Azure. Sometimes it is preferable to view log data as it is being collected (almost real-time). Azure Websites provides a feature to enable streaming of log data via the log-streaming service. You can […]

Retrieving diagnostic logs in Azure

Last Updated On : Thursday, July 19, 2018Steps for retrieving diagnostic logs in Azure There are a number of choices to retrieve diagnostics logs or simply observing the content of the logs. Despite of choosing how to retrieve diagnostic logs, it’s important to know where the logs are stored on the website’s file system. Below […]

Diagnostic logging for Applications and Sites in Azure

Last Updated On : Monday, July 30, 2018Enabling Diagnostic Logging for Applications in Azure Diagnostic logging cannot be supported by default. It’s completely up to you whether you want to allow and configure logging so it can offer you the data that helps in troubleshooting issues. Below are the two types of Azure Website log […]