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Autoscale configurations using metrics

Last Updated On : Thursday, July 5, 2018Steps involved in Autoscale configurations using metrics Azure platform also gives you support to¬† perform¬†Autoscale configurations using metrics or CPU metrics. Taking this approach to Autoscale allows your website to scale regardless of any recurring or non-recurring schedules. To configure Autoscale based on the CPU metric you need […]

Autoscale configurations using schedules

Last Updated On : Saturday, July 14, 2018Configuring Autoscale using schedules If you are looking forward to organizing your autoscale configurations for various schedules exclusively, below we have listed the available schedule options: Periodic Schedules for Day and Night We will recommend you to use this option particularly when you need to scale your website […]

Azure website backup

Last Updated On : Saturday, July 14, 2018Configuring Azure website backup Configuring website backup is one of the most important practice to follow. Microsoft Azure provides you with a very resilient platform that helps users at multiple levels. A backup plan is a crucial practice for any application functioning in the most effective way. The […]

Azure website analytics

Last Updated On : Saturday, July 14, 2018Configuring Azure website analytics Azure website analytics is a popular feature that gives you an opportunity to gather data from various browser types. For instance, most viewed pages on your website, pages with the lowest statistics, number of sessions per device and a lot more. Azure website analytics […]

Monitoring Azure services

Last Updated On : Saturday, July 14, 2018Monitoring Azure services Overview Managing Azure services helps in maintaining and ensuring the accessibility to the available services. If you want to efficiently manage your website, you will probably need to monitor the Azure services as well on which your website is dependent on. The Microsoft Azure platform […]