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New web hosting plan in Azure Platform

Last Updated On : Monday, July 9, 2018Creating a new web hosting plan You can create a new web hosting plan when you create a new website using the management portal. In the new Website blade, click the Web Hosting Plan setting to pick the web hosting plan that you want. The Pricing tier blade […]

Autoscale configurations using metrics

Last Updated On : Thursday, July 5, 2018Steps involved in Autoscale configurations using metrics Azure platform also gives you support to¬† perform¬†Autoscale configurations using metrics or CPU metrics. Taking this approach to Autoscale allows your website to scale regardless of any recurring or non-recurring schedules. To configure Autoscale based on the CPU metric you need […]

Autoscale configurations using schedules

Last Updated On : Saturday, July 14, 2018Configuring Autoscale using schedules If you are looking forward to organizing your autoscale configurations for various schedules exclusively, below we have listed the available schedule options: Periodic Schedules for Day and Night We will recommend you to use this option particularly when you need to scale your website […]

Azure website backup

Last Updated On : Saturday, July 14, 2018Configuring Azure website backup Configuring website backup is one of the most important practice to follow. Microsoft Azure provides you with a very resilient platform that helps users at multiple levels. A backup plan is a crucial practice for any application functioning in the most effective way. The […]