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Removing form components

Last Updated On : Monday, June 1, 2015Here we start Removing form components.You can remove tabs, sections, fields, relationships, sub-grids, iFrames, and web resources from a form. Follow these steps to remove a form component: 1. In the navigation pane, click on Settings. 2. In the Customization group, click on Customizations and then click on […]

Field datatypes

Last Updated On : Monday, June 1, 2015In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, every field has a datatype property, which specifies the type of information that will be stored in the field. The datatype cannot be changed, so it is an important consideration to make when customizing your system. The datatypes available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 […]

Delete & Managed properties

Last Updated On : Sunday, May 31, 2015Delete You can delete a custom entity, but system entities cannot be deleted. ——————————————- Warning Deleting a custom entity deletes all records of that entity. Associated records, such as notes, may also be deleted depending on the Cascade Delete property of the entity relationships. Ensure that you no […]

Security privileges

Last Updated On : Thursday, May 4, 2017Introduction to security privileges There are two types of security privileges—entity-based security privileges and task-based security privileges. Entity-based security privileges The entity-based security privileges define the actions that a user or team can perform on an entity. An entity-based privilege is defined as a combination of an entity […]