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Implementing Secure Dynamic DNS

Last Updated On : Thursday, December 15, 2016All the windows server versions starting from Windows 2003 have provided support for the dynamic DNS update functionality. Implementing Secure Dynamic DNS enables client computers to update their resource records in DNS automatically. Once you use this functionality, DNS administration improves due to the reduction of the time […]

Hardening the Server

Last Updated On : Tuesday, November 15, 2016The next step in securing a server is to reduce the attack surface, thereby reducing the server’s vulnerabilities. Hardening the server requires that you should look for security guidelines and best practices for Windows servers and for the specific network services you are installing, such as Microsoft Exchange […]

Examining Content Zones

Last Updated On : Tuesday, November 15, 2016To help manage security when visiting sites, Internet Explorer divides your network connection into four content zones or types. For each of these zones, a security level is assigned.Examining content zones helps in identifying dangers associated with the zone. For example, it is assumed that when you connect […]