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Managing Virtual Machines

Last Updated On : Wednesday, July 1, 2015—————————————– When you work with physical servers, there may be times where you have to add a network card, add or expand a hard drive, or move a network card cable from one switch to another. Virtual servers have the same needs, but you must perform these tasks […]

Creating Virtual Machines

Last Updated On : Wednesday, July 1, 2015—————————————————- After installing Hyper-V, you are ready to create some virtual machines and install the operating system on each virtual machine that you create. ——————————————————— CREATE VIRTUAL MACHINES IN HYPER-V To create and set up a virtual machine: 1. Open Hyper-V Manager from the Administrative Tools. See Figure […]

Managing FTP with IIS

Last Updated On : Wednesday, July 1, 2015————————————————————– With IIS 7.5, you manage FTP through IIS Manager. While Windows Server 2008 includes IIS 7.0, you still manage FTP through IIS 6.0. ——————————————————— The majority of FTP sites are used primarily to download files. In most of these situations, FTP uses anonymous authentication where username and […]

Managing Web Sites with IIS

Last Updated On : Wednesday, July 1, 2015——————————————— Microsoft’s web server/application server is Internet Information Services (IIS). Windows Server 2008 R2 includes IIS #7.5; Windows Server 2008 includes IIS 7.0; and Windows Server 2003 includes IIS 6.0. IIS 7.0 and 7.5 support FTP, FTPS, SMTP, and HTTP/HTTPS, while IIS 6.0 supports FTP, SMTP, and HTTP/HTTPS. […]

Configuring Internet Printing

Last Updated On : Sunday, May 20, 2018Configuring Internet Printing requires to enable Internet Printing on a computer running Windows Server 2008, you just need to install the Internet Printing role service. To install the Internet Printing Client in Windows Server 2008, click Add Features in Server Manager, select the Internet Printing Client check box, […]