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Using PowerPivot

Last Updated On : Monday, June 22, 2015PowerPivot, first introduced in Excel 2010, is an add-in you can use to create sophisticated #data models by building relationships among multiple tables. Much of the underlying infrastructure of the PowerPivot add-in is now built into Excel, including the Excel Data Model, which you can use to import […]

Modifying field selections and options

Last Updated On : Monday, June 22, 2015The Analyze tool tab offers tools for filtering, refreshing, and applying calculations to #data, choosing a different data source, or selecting a different PivotTable type, among other tasks. You can also choose filtering options that are available on the row or column header menus that appear in a […]

Creating PivotTables

Last Updated On : Monday, June 22, 2015You can apply PivotTables to almost any kind of tabular #data, but their real value comes through when working with data that can be categorized in more than one way, such as sales records that include columns for date, salesperson, and division. The PivotTable and Recommended PivotTables commands […]