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Designing name resolution strategy

Last Updated On : Monday, May 8, 2017You need to keep several things in mind when designing a complex name resolution strategy at the enterprise level. These include prioritizing security while at the same time providing a reliable and robust infrastructure for the organization. Several features of Windows Server 2012 can be used to create […]

Maintaining a DHCP database

Last Updated On : Thursday, May 28, 2015Maintenance of a DHCP database involves backing up and restoring the database. The location of the database and its backup location can be configured at the server level within its Properties sheet, as shown in Figure 2-8. FIGURE 2-8 Configuring the location of the DHCP database, as well […]

Implementing and configuring a DHCP Management Pack

Last Updated On : Thursday, May 28, 2015The DHCP Management Pack, part of the Operations Manager component of Microsoft System Center 2012, enables advanced logging and monitoring of the DHCP environment. For example, the DHCP Management Pack enables monitoring of the availability of the DHCP service, the filtering status, and the status of scopes to […]

Implementing DHCP filtering

Last Updated On : Thursday, May 28, 2015DHCP filtering, sometimes called link-layer filtering, enables you to configure how the DHCP server responds to requests for address and network information. DHCP filtering enables the DHCP server to send information only to known clients or deny information to specific clients. This is especially important in a data-center […]

Configuring Hash Publication

Last Updated On : Friday, May 29, 2015You configure Hash Publication in the Group Policy Object Editor, within the Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network | Lanman Server hierarchy. Double-clicking Hash Publication For BranchCache in the details pane opens the Hash Publication for BranchCache dialog box, as shown in Figure 5-9. FIGURE 5-9 Configuring […]