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What is PowerBI

Last Updated On : Wednesday, March 10, 2021Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your data into interactive insights. You can use data from single basic sources, like a Microsoft Excel workbook, or pull in data from multiple databases and cloud sources to create complex datasets […]

7 Characteristics of a Good SEO Company

Last Updated On : Tuesday, February 19, 2019Finding the right SEO company is crucial to the success of a company’s marketing and search optimization plan. But looking for good SEO companies can be tough. Here are a few traits of a good SEO company to help make the search easier: They communicate effectively Reputable SEO […]

Creating virtual machines using virtual machine image

Last Updated On : Wednesday, January 16, 2019Creating virtual machines using virtual machine image Creating virtual machines using virtual machine image requires you to specify either an existing operating system disk, or a virtual machine image. Virtual machine images have different provisioning settings depending on whether the source image is Windows or Linux-based. That being […]