70-680 Chapter 2 Lesson 2

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Using ScanState

Last Updated On : Monday, May 18, 20151. Back up the source computer. 2. Close all applications. 3. Run the ScanState command on the source computer to collect files and settings. You should specify all of the .xml files that you want the ScanState command to use. scanstate \\fileserver\migration\mystore /config:config.xml /i:miguser.xml /i:migapp.xml /v:13 /l:scan.log 4. […]

Configurable File Errors and Usmtutils.exe

Last Updated On : Monday, May 18, 2015The Config.xml file to configure which file or registry read/write errors can be safely ignored by the /c command-line option and which ones might cause the migration to fail. In addition, the /genconfig option now generates a sample <ErrorControl> section that is enabled by specifying error codes and […]

Hard-Link Migration Store and Running ScanState

Last Updated On : Monday, May 18, 2015Hard-link migration stores are stored locally on a computer that is being reinstalled and can be used to migrate user accounts, files, and settings in lesstime using megabytes of disk space instead of gigabytes. Running ScanState ScanState is a Windows PE command. USMT now supports migration from previous […]