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Examining Policy Event Logs

Last Updated On : Monday, July 13, 2015Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and later versions of Windows improve your ability to troubleshoot Group Policy not only with RSOP tools but also with improved logging of Group Policy events. The System log provides high-level information about Group Policy, including errors created by the Group Policy Client […]

Resultant Set Of Policy

Last Updated On : Thursday, May 17, 2018In #Lesson 2, you learned that a user or computer can be within the scope of multiple GPOs. Group Policy inheritance, filters, and exceptions are complex, and it’s often difficult to determine just which policy settings will apply. Resultant Set Of Policy (RSOP) is the net effect of […]

Loopback Policy Processing

Last Updated On : Monday, July 13, 2015By default, a user’s settings come from GPOs scoped to the user object in Active Directory. Regardless of which computer the user logs on to, the resultant set of policies that determine the user’s environment is the same. There are situations, however, in which you might want to […]