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Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

Last Updated On : Wednesday, June 1, 2016Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services is one of the five Active Directory technologies available in Windows Server 2008 R2. That’s because AD LDS is really nothing more than a subset of AD DS functionality. Both use the similar core code, and both give a very similar feature set. […]

Managing System Resources

Last Updated On : Tuesday, May 24, 2016Managing System Resources in Windows Server includes several tools that help identify potential issues with system resources. The tools to identify performance bottlenecks in Windows Server are: Task Manager, which displays current system resource usage. Event Viewer, which logs specific events, including performance-related events. Reliability Monitor, which tracks […]

Proactive Directory Performance Management

Last Updated On : Thursday, May 17, 2018The second activity you must master to maintain your DCs proactively is performance management. When you use proper installation and creation procedures, your DCs should just work. Remember that the Domain Controller role is now in its fifth iteration since it  appeared in Microsoft Windows NT, and it […]