Using the Semantic Search Functions

Last Updated On : Sunday, May 24, 2015There are three table-valued functions that enable the semantic search. The syntax for the first one, the SEMANTICKEYPHRASETABLE, is as follows. SEMANTICKEYPHRASETABLE ( table, { column | (column_list) | * } [ , source_key ] ) This function returns a table with key phrases associated with the full-text […]

Using the Full-Text Search Functions

Last Updated On : Sunday, May 24, 2015The CONTAINSTABLE and FREETEXTTABLE functions return two columns: KEY and RANK. The KEY column is the unique key from the index used in the KEY INDEX clause of the CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX statement. RANK returns an ordinal value between 0 and 1000. This is the rank value. It […]

The FREETEXT Predicate

Last Updated On : Sunday, May 24, 2015The FREETEXT predicate is less specific and thus returns more rows than the CONTAINS predicate. It searches for the values that match the meaning of a phrase and not just exact words. When you use the FREETEXT predicate, the engine performs word breaking of the search phrase, generates […]

The CONTAINS Predicate

Last Updated On : Tuesday, May 7, 2019With the CONTAINS predicate, you can search for the following: Words and phrases in text Exact or fuzzy matches Inflectional forms of a word Text in which a search word is close to another search word Synonyms of a searched word A prefix of a word or a […]