Design and implement an Active Directory infrastructure (physical)

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Understanding branch office infrastructure design considerations

Last Updated On : Sunday, December 23, 2018Branch Office Infrastructure Design During the design of a branch office infrastructure, your overall goal is to provide reliability for remote locations, regardless of the connectivity status back at the main data center. At the same time, you need to keep the management overhead of additional infrastructure to […]

Design and implement branch office infrastructure

Last Updated On : Tuesday, May 22, 2018Branch offices refer to remote locations or even locations managed distinctly from the organization’s main data center and management operations. Branch offices frequently have specific requirements to help them operate smoothly. Therefore, designing a branch office infrastructure is an important task. Following are points which will discuss in […]

Domain controller cloning

Last Updated On : Friday, May 29, 2015Virtual domain controllers have been an available deployment option for quite some time.Windows Server 2012 makes the process of virtual deployment easier by enabling cloning. Deploying a new virtual domain controller with Windows Server 2012 no longer requires the use of sysprep. Active Directory relies heavily on clock-based […]

Partial attribute set

Last Updated On : Friday, May 29, 2015As discussed earlier, the global catalog contains a read-only copy of the objects from other domains in the forest. This partial copy includes only a subset of attributes—those commonly used for search operations as well as other required attributes. When considered as a whole, this copy is known […]

Read-only domain controllers

Last Updated On : Friday, May 29, 2015Read-only domain controllers (RODCs) have read-only copies of the Active Directory database and the SYSVOL folder. This is helpful for branch office or remote locations that use a local Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server but don’t require a full, writable copy of AD DS at those […]