70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 course

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Using AppLocker

Last Updated On : Sunday, August 12, 2018Software restriction policies can be a powerful tool, but they can also require a great deal of administrative overhead. If you elect to disallow all applications except those matching the rules you create, there are many programs in Windows Server 2012 R2 itself that need rules, in addition […]

Using software restriction policies

Last Updated On : Sunday, August 12, 2018The Software Restriction Policies node is found in the Windows SettingsSecurity Settings node of the User Configuration or the Computer Configuration node of a GPO. By default, the Software Restriction Policies folder is empty. When you create a new policy, two subfolders appear: Security Levels and Additional Rules. […]

Configure application restriction policies

Last Updated On : Monday, May 21, 2018The options in the Software Restriction Policies node provide organizations greater control in preventing potentially dangerous applications from running. Software restriction policies are designed to identify software and control its execution. In addition, administrators can control who will be affected by the policies. Following are points which will […]

Understanding User Account Control (UAC)

Last Updated On : Sunday, August 12, 2018One of the most common Windows security problems arises from the fact that many users perform their everyday computing tasks with more system access than they actually need. Logging on as an Administrator or as a user who is a member of the Administrators group grants the user […]