7 Characteristics of a Good SEO Company

Finding the right SEO company is crucial to the success of a company’s marketing and search optimization plan. But looking for good SEO companies can be tough. Here are a few traits of a good SEO company to help make the search easier:

They communicate effectively

Reputable SEO companies are masters of communicating. Whether it’s their plans for optimizing your site, timelines, or even just keeping in touch with you to ask for feedback, they are very prompt and detailed. Be on the lookout for SEO companies that take too long to get back to you when you have questions via call, email, or text, and take your business elsewhere.

They have an effective website

It’s hard to trust an SEO company when their website doesn’t look good. A good SEO company should have an impressive website. It should have content that’s streamlined, and is chock-full of evergreen content. An SEO company that has a website that’s easy to navigate and is constantly updated is more reliable than a company whose site is suspiciously out of date.

They have strong SEO strategies

A good SEO company writes content. A great SEO company writes strong content. The best SEO companies like those listed on BestSEOCompanies.com employ search engine optimization strategies that not only bring in traffic to a client’s website, but also convert that traffic into viable customers for whatever product or service the website is offering.

They use white hat tactics

In the interest of keeping a website from getting blacklisted by multiple search engines, choose an SEO company that uses white hat SEO. The difference between white hat SEO tactics from black hat SEO tactics is that they focus on creating organic growth rather than trying to be more appealing to search engines. While black hat SEO tactics work, they might end up getting a site flagged for exploiting search engine algorithms. This can result in a site getting blacklisted, which defeats the whole purpose of SEO.

They have a presence on social media

Every SEO company knows that social media presence is important. In the age of social media, having a Facebook or Twitter presence provides more credibility. It also sends the message that the company is not afraid to be transparent, or to interact with potential clients and customers on social media.

They know how to crunch the numbers

A good SEO company should have the right host of analytics tools to help analyze web data and use it to create a good website optimization strategy. Web data tools like Google Analytics are commonly used by reputable SEO companies, so it’s best to ask an SEO company if they are familiar with the tool. Analytics tools are also important in measuring the performance and results of an SEO strategy.

They are flexible in their approach

A good SEO company knows that their clients will not always look at things the same way they do. While they have tried and tested methods of delivering results, they are flexible enough to adjust their tactics to how a client’s business operates. Looking at their body of work and client reviews is helpful to get a good sense of how flexible their approach can be.